10 Students Who Found Success in Real Estate Investing

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Here are just 10 of our Success Path students who have found success in real estate investing. These students are proof that investing can change lives.We have had so many students find real estate investing success because of Success Path! Here’s what just 10 of them have to say about their experience.

1. “We did this with little money out of pocket!” – Andy and Elliot McLeod – Cashmere, Washington

“We found our property by driving around our target area. We worked with private lenders to fund the deal and the rehab. We listed it with our realtor and it sold in 48 hours for full ask.”

2. “I am so grateful for the system.” – Gabriel and Melodie Bustamante – Corpus Christi, Texas

“With the system, I am learning and putting everything into action, I know that I will learn a ton from this training. I am very optimistic about my future in real estate”

3. “We’re hooked on rehabbing!” – Jonathan and Nelson Faircloth – Pace, Florida

“We found our first deal from a lead on Property Farm. It was a total rehab from foundation to roof and a totally eye-opening experience. Once we completed the project, we were hooked on rehabbing and haven’t looked back or regretted our decision to get started in real estate investing.”

4. “A great deal in the end!” – Micah and Jill Parsons – Kalamazoo, Michigan

“I love being a firefighter but I am ready to move on to my next dream and be 100% in charge of my family’s future. After months of searching, I acquired a very distressed triplex and my wife and I jumped in with both feet. We were able to finish the two smaller units and rent them out very quickly. We used the income from these units to pay for the rehab of the third. This triplex will net us a profit of at least $1,000 a month. In the end, we learned many lessons but are walking away with a great profit!”

5. “Five fix and flips!”- Nasreen Razack and Rodger Davis – Orlando, Florida

“We’ve done five fix and flips with a purchase price all ranging from $25,000 to $60,000. We have made an average of $30,000 on each flip.”

6. “Rehabbing and adding on units!” – Kim Nguyen – Redwood City, California

“I bought a foreclosure 3-unit, mixed use property for $318,000 as a buy and hold. I plan on rehabbing the building and then adding on an additional 8 units on top of the building for a potential $300,000 profit.”

7. “Working on our second contract!” – Shannon Violante and Dylan Kough, Palm Bay, Florida

We have a house that I purchased back in 2009. We remodeled the inside and sold it in April of 2016 for a near $60,000 profit. We also have a second contract that was just accepted!”

8. “Two beach rental properties!” – Sandra Krugen and Chris Del Bene – Clearwater, Florida

“We purchased two beach vacation properties on the Gulf Coast for buy and hold, we now rent them out on various rental sites. We’ve even completed one flip in Clearwater.”

9. Louis and Nicholas Bottino – Liverpool, New York

“We bought a house at a tax auction in December 2016. We rehabbed the property and offered for ‘rent to own.’ Within a week of being on the market, we got an offer and are set to make close to $15,000.”

10. “Two houses in progress and looking to buy a third.” – Jeffery Masters and Greg Miller – Waynesboro, Pennsylvania

“We bought a split level in a nice neighborhood in Pennsylvania at an auction for $130,000. We spent nearly $60,000 in repairs for a total of $190,000 invested. We just sold the house for a profit of $45,000. We have two more houses in progress right now and are currently looking for a third.”

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