3 Tips for Balancing Family with Flipping

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If you keep up with us on Facebook and on our show, you probably already know that Tarek and I welcomed a baby boy last week. Recently, we were talking about baby names as we were organizing the nursery, and it got me thinking about how lucky we are as real estate investors to be able to spend so much time together with our family. Flipping houses can definitely be a time-consuming business, but if you do it right you’ll always have time for your kids and for each other.

If you’re worried about your real estate business taking over your life or how you’ll find a good balance and find time for your family and friends, keep these tips in mind. It’s actually a lot easier than balancing work and family in a lot of other industries.

Enter Your Kids’ Schedules in Your Calendar

You can avoid missing out on important events and accomplishments in your kids’ lives by making their schedules a priority, and I don’t just mean when you have to pick them up and drop them off. Is there a dance recital, a big soccer game, or a karate competition coming up? Make sure you put that in your calendar and make time to go and support your kids. They’ll learn that hard work pays off and that you’ll always be there to cheer them on.

Split Tasks for More Mommy and Daddy Time

Tarek and I love getting time together with Taylor, but we also love building our own separate bonds with her. Taylor has special things she does just with Tarek – like doughnut breakfasts and Daddy date nights – and she has special things with me, too. We make time for these one-parent play dates and special outings by splitting up our flipping work.

For example, I can take Taylor with me and go get ice cream after we drive around looking for leads in promising neighborhoods while Tarek goes to bid on a property we’ve already researched. Then we can trade off while I check on a flip that we’re rehabbing and Tarek takes Taylor to go to the beach or a playground. Then, we can all get together for some family fun in the evening.

There are times when Tarek and I both need to focus on work, and we need to get a sitter or take Taylor to daycare, but we can actually bring her with us to a lot of our properties, on shopping trips, and other work errands. We love including her as much as possible, and she loves feeling like a grown-up when she gets to “help” out.

Remember – YOU Set Your Schedule

Finally, if you feel like you’re letting your flipping schedule get ahead of you and take over your life, remember that you’re the boss. Your schedule may change, depending on auctions, issues with rehabs, new leads, etc., but you still call the shots. You have the power to schedule in time with your family and friends regularly throughout the week.

If you’re working with your spouse, you have more freedom to combine work and family time, but even if you’re flying solo as a house flipper, you still set the rules and the schedule.

As real estate investors, we have some of the most fun jobs in the world flipping houses and turning them into amazing properties. And, when you’re in the real estate business, you can almost always bring your children to work and show them what you do and how you help people by making old houses feel new again. Include your family in your business and follow these tips, and you’ll have no problem finding a good balance between flipping and family life.

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