5 Tips for a Staircase Renovation

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Do you have a boring or dangerous set of steps? Then perhaps it's time for a staircase renovation. Here are a few ideas to spice things up!When you look at your home’s staircase, what do you see? Do you see an inviting entry to the second floor, or do you see a boring or even dangerous set of old steps that just sit there? I love getting creative with staircase renovations, so I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite remodeling ideas that just about anyone can do.

Add Some Under-Stair Storage

If one side of your staircase is exposed, you can build in a set of cabinets or a small closet space. If you want, you can make the side of your staircase into a set of drawers with cool hardware. You could also create hidden storage by adding beaded board along the staircase over the door of the closet space there.

Of course, if your kids are anything like my daughter, you might end up losing that closet space to them as it becomes a fun place to hang out and make-believe that they’re in a secret passage. So think very carefully about whether you really want a closet or if drawers would make a better upgrade.

If neither of those ideas is your cup of tea, you could also just open up that space and add a built-in set of shelves where you can store books, school supplies, knickknacks, and whatever else fits well there.

Build a Cozy Reading Nook

Of course, you could also use that space as a reading nook. Build a low shelf and top it with cushions for the perfect place to curl up with a good book. The construction for this kind of project is pretty simple. Picture building a window seat into your staircase instead of under a window.

A Combination of White and Natural Wood

White is so in with interior décor this year, and your staircase could be a great place to add some white. You don’t have to completely white it out, though. Instead, go for a natural wood banister and foot treads with white balusters and a white base that matches white walls or complements walls of a different color. This is a great way to add contrast and give dimension to any staircase.

Add a Stair Runner

Hardwood steps are lovely, but they can become slippery, and that’s a big consideration, especially if you have young kids. Adding a stair runner to the center of your staircase’s steps can add dimension, warmth, and safety. It also leaves the sides of the steps exposed, so you can still see that lush hardwood surface without putting your kids in danger. And I love taking the time to choose a fun runner with a geometric pattern that will really add something to the stairs and not just cover them up.

Paint a Faux Runner Down the Middle of the Steps

If you love the look of a runner but you don’t have the cash on hand to buy one, you can also grab some non-slip paint and create the look of a runner without actually buying one. You can go with a warm or cool color, and if you really want to add the dimension and texture that a runner gives, you can go with a thin strip of another matching or complementary color as a border on each side.

If you’re remodeling your staircase, these tips should give you some good ideas to create a gorgeous finished product that’ll make your home more attractive with more storage or a fun new place for your kids to play or do homework.

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