15 Amazing Students Who Are on the Pathway to Success

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Our amazing students come from all across the country. They shared their success at the April 2017 Investor Summit in Las Vegas.

Our amazing students come from all across the country. They shared their success at the April 2017 Investor Summit in Las Vegas.

Our amazing students from across the country shared their success at the April 2017 Investor Summit in Las Vegas. Comment below to let us know if you’d like to see more content like this!

1) Jeannie and Dale Masi – Mesa, AZ

“We had a great time in Vegas at the Summit working from our phone and email. We closed a deal and didn’t even have to be home!”

Jeannie and Dale Masi purchased a wholesale property from another student and are expected to nearly double the home’s value after repairs, all without being glued to a desk.

2) Gloria Follmer – Arvada, CO

“My mentor, Paul Winn, came in to look at a house with me. Despite not feeling ready, we ran the numbers and he told me to make the offer.”

Though she was hesitant at first, Gloria Follmer’s coach gave her the confidence she needed and reminded her just how capable she was. Gloria stands to make a five-figure profit on her very first flip.

3) Don and Lisa Bergen – Gilbert, AZ

“We learned how to find better deals!”

Before joining Success Path, Don and Lisa Bergen flipped 3 houses using their own money and doing 95% of the work by themselves. They believed they had it all figured out. However, Success Path taught them how to use other people’s money, how to find better deals, and that they shouldn’t do all the work themselves. After joining Success Path just a few months ago, they are already in the middle of flipping two houses, and just put a contract on another. They stand to make at least a four-figure profit on each property.

4) Bruce Stuule and Dwan Bowen – Olympia, WA

“We purchased a foreclosed property on the courthouse steps in Olympia, Washington. We rehabbed it and clean up the property. We did most of the work ourselves and saved a ton of money!”

Bruce and Dawn purchased a foreclosure and put in new landscaping, floors, countertops, and appliances. After doing most of the work themselves, they stand to make a profit well into the five-figures.

5) Richard and Kristy Williams – Cheyenne, WY

“We’re already putting the house on the market!”

Richard and Kristy Williams purchased a foreclosed home and subsequently refinished the kitchen, bathrooms, and all the flooring throughout the house. Once the repairs were done they increased the home’s value by over 50%.

6) Mike Kane and Lori Kantor – York, SC

“We anticipate a six-figure profit!”

Mike and Lori purchased a 1940’s millhouse and completed a major rehab in just 90 days, which included new HVAC, electrical and plumbing, drywall, and all new siding and concrete. The Williams are looking forward to reaping a six-figure profit in just three months.

7) Ian and Tracey Pitter – Aurora, CO

“This is a fantastic educational resource for us.”

The Pitters are excited and enjoying the continued learning experience that comes with each and every opportunity they have pursued. After nearly closing on their first deal, something just didn’t seem right to Tracey. She recalled what she learned in the trainings and realized the numbers just didn’t add up. She is thankful for what she has learned from every deal they have and have not made.

8) Larry and Jamie Slagle – Griffith, IN

“We closed our first deal and we’re well on our way!”

After purchasing a property from a family friend, the Slagles were ready to begin their first flip. They redesigned the floorplan to be more open and after removing and replacing a few walls, even managed to turn the home from a 3 bedroom into a 4 bedroom. They also replaced the windows and completely overhauled the bathrooms. After all their hard work, they sold the home for $10,000 more than the comps in the area and managed to double their investment!

9) Clay and Betsy Eaves – Shreveport, LA

“All three of our properties are now rented.”

Clay and Betsy Eaves purchased three rental properties in varying states of rentability. One was a partially remodeled, foreclosed home, the second was an estate property, and the third needed significant repairs in order to be rented. After making all three livable, the capitalization rate for all three properties is at least 15%.

10) Mark Lauton and Tim Massanelli – Hot Springs, AR

“9 Deals So Far!”

Mark Lauton and Tim Massanelli have closed 9 deals since joining the Success Path team. They made well over $50,000 on their first flip and since then have continued to close deals with buy/holds, flips, and major rehabs.

11) Jodi and Kevin Soloman – Charlotte, NC

“We are truly a family business. My adult children get to see first-hand the benefits of generational wealth building and are learning with us!”

Jodi and Kevin’s first deal was a wholesale they completed while traveling. They made five-figures on their first deal and quickly used that money to purchase three more wholesale properties and their first rental property. Their second deal yielded a 90% return on investment. They are grateful to get their family involved to teach them the importance of generational wealth building and sustainable income.

12) Gini Springmeyer and Norbert Necker – Colorado Springs, CO

“We used the income from our rental property to purchase our second deal!”

After using the extra income from their rental property, Gini and Norbert completed a major rehab that included wall removal, new electrical, and a new kitchen. After the renovations, they sold the home and made over six-figures in profit.

13) Tim and Kathy Davidson – Columbus, IN

“None of this would have been possible without the education, energy, and mentorship we received from our coach!”

After working with their coach, Tim and Kathy Davidson made a four-figure profit from their first assignment deal. After attending the training, they have been using all the tools and programs available to them to further their real estate business. They are confident the program will lead them to newfound opportunities and continued growth!

14) Joshua and Courtney Cress – Lakeland, FL

“We are on our way to financial freedom! I am so proud to say we did it.”

After quitting his job, Joshua knew it was more important than ever to make a deal happen. On his very first day of self-employment, he found a deal and immediately began the necessary repairs. After the renovation, Joshua and Courtney stand to make well into the five-figures on their first flip and plan to use the profits to purchase their next project.

15) Tammy and Derek Rider – Kaysville, UT

“We’re already on to our second property!”

Tammy and Derek Rider purchased a home to take on as their first flip. They knew it was going to be a complete overhaul and redesign. However, their hard work paid off as the new value of the property has more than doubled and they made a profit of over six-figures.

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