What Color Should You Paint Your Bathroom?

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Choosing a color to paint your bathroom can feel overwhelming, but you can't go wrong with light and airy tones or deep neutrals.

Choosing a color to paint your bathroom can feel overwhelming, but you can't go wrong with light and airy tones or deep neutrals.When it comes to designing, finishing or remodeling the bathrooms in your home, paint color is one of your most important choices. Whether you choose a light or a dark shade, a bright or a neutral tone, a color that will pop or one that will blend in with the rest of your home, your color choice will make a dramatic difference in the overall feel and look of your bathroom.

There are some tips I like to stick to when selecting a bathroom paint color, no matter if the bathroom is large or small, standout or subtle. Your bathroom should feel like a haven within your home. The paint color should echo serene days at the spa, a place that is relaxing to you or anything in between, according to your preferences. These pieces of advice will help to ensure that you end up with a bathroom design scheme that you love.

Flatter Yourself

Since your bathroom is the place in your home where you will be preparing for the day ahead and unwinding after a long day, you will want to make sure that the color of the walls shows you at your best. When primping, checking out your outfit choice or finishing up your hair style, being surrounded by a flattering shade can make all the difference in how you see yourself. A bright orange wall, for instance, may not be ideal for those with lighter skin tones. A dark shade, however, might not shed the best light on those with darker skin hues.

Follow Trends and Your Instincts

Even if a professional makes a recommendation for a color scheme, it might not be ideal if you’re not crazy about it. Ultimately, color is such a personal choice. The shade that is most likely to be a big hit over the long-term is the one that you already know you love, rather than somebody else’s favorite. It is your bathroom; pick the color that is right for you, not your designer.

Pay Attention to Size

Imagine the size of your bathroom as it is and then imagine what your paint choice will do to influence the feel of the room. While painting a small room in a dark color can make it feel even smaller and more cozy, painting a room in a light, bright shade can expand it and open it up. If you want to create a larger feel, go with a neutral color scheme on the lighter side of things. If you want to close in a bathroom that is already spacious, paint at least one wall in a deep tone such as a dark green, rich red or chocolate brown to create that effect.

So next time you are in the market to rehab your bathroom, think about your design in terms of color. The shade that you choose will be one of the biggest factors in determining how much you enjoy the private spaces of your home.

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