Cozy Bed Ideas to Make Your Bedroom Your Haven

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Green beautiful bedroom with classic furniture

Green beautiful bedroom with classic furnitureHave you ever looked at some of the pictures in interior design magazines and wondered, “Why can’t my bedroom look like that?” Well, actually, without spending a ton of money or effort you can give your bedroom a seriously cozy makeover that will make it feel like a haven…especially after a hard day at work. Just a little bit of attention to design can go a long way toward giving you the bedroom of your dreams.

Keep Colors Simple

Don’t go overboard on a ton of different colors and designs. Remember, your bedroom is supposed to be a soothing and relaxing place. Go with subtle, unsaturated colors in simple prints. These give the room more texture and dimension without being too stimulating or distracting.

Invest in a Down Comforter and Quality Linens

You can skip the ultraexpensive designer décor, but you definitely can’t skip quality bedding and linens. In fact, the majority of your bed’s budget should go into a down comforter, high-quality pillows, and high thread-count sheets. If you want to save money on these, look for closeout sales on last year’s bedding when you go shopping. And remember, if you go this route, you can always buy a new duvet cover and pillowcases to change the look of your bedroom without spending a lot of money.

If your mattress is feeling a bit worn, but you’re not ready to buy a new one, you can also give it an inexpensive upgrade with a down or foam pillow-top mattress cover. With one of these, you’ll feel like you’re sinking into a cloud every time you lie down. And, if you love the feel of a soft mattress but need a firm one for a better sleeping position, this is the perfect compromise. Plus, it’ll keep your bed warmer and cozier during the winter.

How’s Your Headboard?

Whether you like to watch TV or read before bed, you can make the experience more comfortable and relaxing by investing in a cushioned headboard to lean against. You’ll love the way it looks, and you’ll be amazed at how much more enjoyable it is to sit in your new sanctuary at the end of the day as you unwind before bedtime.

Hang Fabric from the Ceiling

If you’ve always wanted a canopy bed but you’ve never been able to afford one, you can create the same effect by hanging light, airy fabric from the ceiling for a curtained look that’s totally luxurious. If you don’t want a fully curtained effect, you can hang them from the wall behind your bed to perfectly frame your headboard, too.

Bedside Essentials

Think about how hard it is to get out of bed on a cold winter morning. You can make the transition a lot easier by putting a soft, fluffy throw rug next to your bed. Your feet will thank you, especially if you have hardwood floors, which can get really cold on winter mornings.

And don’t forget the perfect nightstand and bedside lamp. Your nightstand can hold a glass of water, books, your glasses, and anything else you’ll need when you wake up, and with a bedside lamp, you won’t have to get out of bed when you’re ready to go to sleep. You can turn off the overhead lights in your bedroom when you come in and then use your lamp for any light you need, with no need to get out of your cozy, warm bed again.

With these tips, you should be able to make your bedroom a real haven, and you’ll look forward to sinking into bed every night. Enjoy!

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