Create Your Own Dream Closet in a Few Simple Steps

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A full walk-in closet

A full walk-in closetEverybody loves a good walk-in closet. A well-organized closet space can make it a breeze to get up and go in the morning or to choose just the right outfit for a night out on the town. In fact, though a lot of people overlook it, I’d say that your closet is probably one of the most important spaces in your house. That’s why, if you’ve ever watched our show, Flip or Flop, you know I’m always looking at what we can get out of a master closet when we rehab a house.

So, how can you create the most space and give yourself the closet of your dreams, even if you don’t have a ton of room? Just follow these simple steps.

Take Inventory of What’s in Your Closet

First of all, when was the last time you really took inventory of what’s hiding in your closet? How many old outfits, shoes, and other odds and ends are tucked away in there, just taking up space when they should really be donated? If you’re like a lot of us, you probably have a lot of wasted space in your closet just because you have too much stuff in there.

So start by pulling everything out and getting rid of anything that you don’t use or wear anymore. Then you’ll have a clean slate to begin creating your dream closet.

Use All of the Space Available

This is super important for smaller closets, but even the largest walk-in can benefit from good use of space. You have a lot of hidden space in your closet that you should be using, including the corners and vertical space. Shelves and hanging shoe organizers help a lot with creating more open space in your closet by using up all of the available storage space.

Get Creative with Storage

The problem with closets is they have to store a lot of really oddly shaped things in a fairly small space. I like to mix up my storage options to take full advantage of the space available. So I’ll hang my flats and sneakers in a shoe organizer, but I’ll use shelves for my heels and boots. The more creative you get with storage, the more room you’ll have to play when you get ready for any occasion.

Open the Space up with a Mirror or Two

Mirrors make every space look bigger, and you’ll love trying on outfits right in your closet if you have a wall-length mirror hanging in your walk-in. If you don’t have a walk-in, then you can actually extend your “closet” into a designated wardrobe area in your bedroom. Hang a couple of large mirrors here, and the space will feel bigger and more convenient as you get dressed in the mornings (or evenings).


Now, if you really want to make your closet a dream space where you can relax and enjoy yourself as you choose outfits for any occasion, you’ll want to do more than just organize it and add mirrors. You’ll want to make it feel like your very own space.

I recommend starting the decorating process with the right lighting. You want it to be bright enough that you can see how you look in the mirror, but you also want it to be warm, welcoming, and flattering. If you have space, hang a couple of your favorite photos. If not, just paint or wallpaper the walls with your favorite colors or patterns.

This way you’ll give yourself a space that really invites you in and gets you in the mood to get ready for anything—whether you’re getting dressed for an important presentation or a romantic date with your special someone. So don’t be afraid to have fun putting your personality into your closet-decorating project. Have fun!

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