Flipping Houses Successfully Takes Work, but It’s Not Rocket Science

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Flipping houses takes work, but it's something everyone can learn no matter their background. The Success Path team can help students be successful.Every week I have the pleasure of hearing from our students who have had a profitable pay day. This is one of the highlights of my week. The students share the good, the bad and the ugly of their transactions and the solutions they implemented to solve the problem they created in the process. When a student follows the direction of the coaching team they earn more money and have an enjoyable experience. When they do not follow the direction of the coaching team the student does not make as much money and the process to complete their payday is stressful and less enjoyable.

Flipping real estate is easy and profitable when you follow the rules. When you break the rules it will be miserable and quickly erodes the transaction profits. You can even lose money.

Wholesaling or fixing and flipping real estate has the same mechanical steps for everyone.

All students have equal, calculated steps which produce a profitable outcome.

1. Finding
2. Placing Offers
3. Funding
4. Fixing
5. Flipping

The only variable is the individual student investor.

Students are not created equal. Some students have already learned the needed skills before the coaching team begins working with them. Other students must learn those personal skills while they are learning real estate.

I am amazed with the number of individuals who have learned the personal skill sets and do not follow through with their real estate success. I know they have areas of confidence and organization which need to be strengthened.

Then there is the student who does not possess the skill set when they begin working with the coaching team and within a few weeks they are crushing it with accelerated success and profits. The only difference is the student made the commitment to follow through with the direction of the coaching team. They are consistent with their actions which need to be done daily and they follow through.

The bad news is real estate investing requires developing personal skill sets. The good news is everyone that who is uncomfortable, even for a short season, can learn the skill set. With the help of the coaching team, everyone can learn the skill set needed for successful and profitable real estate investing.

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