Want to Find More Real Estate Deals? Get Some Testimonials!

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Testimonials are an important part of marketing in the real estate investing world. Follow these tips for finding people to ask for testimonials!

Testimonials are an important part of marketing in the real estate investing world. Follow these tips for finding people to ask for testimonials!When you think of important online marketing strategies and techniques for your real estate investing business, testimonials probably aren’t the first thing that comes to mind. But they should be. In addition to setting up an active presence on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other platforms, you should really be looking into ways to get more testimonials for your business and for you as a house flipper.

Why are testimonials so important? Well, I hate this, but house flipping has a kind of weird reputation. People know that house flippers buy houses to fix them up and sell them for a profit, but that somehow doesn’t translate in their heads to, “This person completely renovates distressed houses and sells them at good prices.”

Instead, for a lot of people, “house flipper” means something closer to “someone who wants to sell you a piece of trash at market value.” It’s not fair, especially if you put as much hard work into your house flips as Christina and I have done. But it’s the truth, and we have to deal with it.

Fortunately, when you can get people you’ve worked with to write glowing testimonials of your house flipping business, then you can set yourself apart from the rest of the house flippers in your area. People will read those testimonials and they’ll see that you do great work and that people are genuinely happy to do business with you.

That kind of reputation-building strategy is hugely beneficial in today’s real estate investing world. It’ll help you land more deals with motivated sellers, and it’ll drive more potential buyers to look at your houses instead of other houses on the market in your area.

So how do you get people to write those testimonials for you? I’ve found a few cool tactics that have helped me get more testimonials. Try one or more of these out and see what happens:


First of all, have you done any real estate business with friends, former coworkers, or other colleagues? If they’ve seen you in action, then they can write a brief testimonial that tells others what you can do. And, because they’re personal acquaintances and friends, you’ll feel more comfortable asking them to write something for you than someone you’ve only met once.


After you sell a house, wait a few weeks or a month and then reach out to your buyers. Ask them how much they love the house and what their favorite feature is. If they’re still in love with the property and happy with the deal they got, go ahead and ask them if they wouldn’t mind writing a testimonial for you.


When you fix and flip a house that was vacant and bringing property values down, you’re going to find that you have a few new friends in the neighborhood. If (and when) the neighbors come over to see what you’ve done with a flip house, strike up a conversation with them about the neighborhood, how it’s growing, and the improvements they’ve seen. And then, when you’ve talked for a bit about improving the neighborhood, go ahead and ask for a testimonial.

When people are unhappy with something, they automatically go to the Internet to tell the world. When they’re happy about something, though, they might just need a little coaxing. You can’t expect people to write you glowing testimonials without asking, so don’t be afraid to reach out and talk to the people you’ve worked with who’ve been happier because they sold to you, bought from you, or just worked with you on a deal.

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