6 Helpful Apps to Make Your Next Remodel a Breeze

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A smartphone is the perfect tool when it comes to remodeling. These helpful apps are sure to make your next project a breeze!

A smartphone is the perfect tool when it comes to remodeling. These helpful apps are sure to make your next project a breeze!Whether I’m purchasing paint or flooring for a flip, taking measurements of a home, or otherwise need interior design inspiration, my phone is always by my side! Many people are surprised to hear that I rely so much on my phone when I’m remodeling, but I consider it a must-have tool for my projects.

If you need to lay out a floor plan or preview a paint color, I can guarantee that you will be able to find an app for it in the App Store (which literally has hundreds of apps for interior design and remodeling projects!). These are just a few of my favorite ones that I use for each of our flips.


Trying to decide between two paint colors for the bathroom? This app will come in handy! ColorSmart allows you to explore a variety of BEHR brand colors, plus you can upload a photo of a room and preview what that room will look like painted in a specific color. I love to use this app when I want to visualize how the kitchen, living room, bathroom, etc. will look in a certain color.


MagicPlan is one of my favorite apps. It has been so useful when we have had to lay out designs for our contractors. In this app you can create a floor plan just by taking a few photos of the rooms and then MagicPlan combines all of the photos into accurate floor plans. This app is a huge time and money saver!


I have a love-hate relationship with paint samples. I love using them when I am trying to figure out what color I want to paint a room, but I hate how easy they are to lose or get mixed up! That’s when I have found Color Capture to be so helpful with our remodels. This app allows you to snap a photo of the paint samples you collect and you can add notes and even set your favorites. No more losing paint samples!


I don’t know about you, but after a while writing down measurements on a piece of paper can get pretty old. Photo Measures is great, as you can take photos of the rooms that you are measuring (you’ll still need a tape measure!) and then draw the measurements directly on the photo. This app certainly makes buying new flooring a whole lot easier!

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