Hip Home Offices for Entrepreneurs

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Beautiful rooms help to sell high-end flips.

Beautiful rooms help to sell high-end flips.What’s one of the best parts of being an entrepreneur? For me, it’s setting up a really awesome home office. I’ve never been a big fan of working in cubicles, which is why I got into real estate in the first place. I love getting out there, finding properties, and getting really involved with rehabbing the flip houses that my wife and I fix and sell for our business and our show (Flip or Flop on HGTV).

As much as the real estate investment business involves on-location, physical work, it also involves a pretty good amount of research and office work, too. That means that I have to spend time at a desk on my computer, and if I’m going to do that, I’m going to make sure it’s in an office where I feel really comfortable and productive. That’s why I love the idea of adding some man-cave elements to my work space to personalize it and make it a lot more fun to work in.

Never Underestimate the Power of Great Seating Options

First of all, when you look at chairs and desks for your home office, don’t go with the same kind of stereotypical office furniture you find in “cube land.” A reclining, modular leather office chair is a good start, but you can also grab one with an ottoman so you can sit back and relax while you check out listings on your laptop.

I’m also a big fan of having a couch in the office. If I’m on a call or brainstorming marketing ideas for my business, I don’t necessarily want to be chained to my desk. I like to pace sometimes, and sometimes I like to stretch out on the couch and give my legs a rest.

Give Yourself Multiple Surfaces to Work On

Similarly, I don’t always want to work at my desk when I’m reading through papers and documents or planning an advertising campaign. A coffee table in front of the couch helps with this, but I’m not just talking about horizontal work space.

Sometimes you need to brainstorm, and writing lists on small pieces of paper just doesn’t cut it. That’s why I really like the idea of a chalkboard or whiteboard in your office, depending on your style. If you’re going for a more modern look, the whiteboard is the way to go. If you’re going for a more classic look and feel with wood and leather furniture, a chalkboard is going to fit better with your overall man cave/office atmosphere.

Lighting That Gets You in the Mood to Work

Lighting is also a huge part of your office. Natural light always makes people feel more awake and productive, but you won’t always be working when the sun’s out. So, in addition to opening up the curtains and giving yourself as much natural light as possible, you also want to think about your lamps and light fixtures.

The trick here is to get just enough lighting that you won’t be lulled to sleep when you’re working at night. I like adding a couple of different floor and desk lamps in strategic places around the room so I can turn lights on and off depending on what I’m working on, when I’m working, and how I’m feeling.

Inspire Yourself

Finally, don’t forget to personalize your office with the things that really reflect your personality. Put your guitar by your desk if you need to strum a few chords while you get your head in the game for the day. Hang some framed posters or jerseys from your favorite teams or players. Keep it organized, though, or you’ll end up working in a pile of cool distractions. If all else fails, you can always do what I do – ask your wife for a little decorating help!

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