6 Tips for Holiday Home Staging

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Holiday home staging will make your flip more attractive to potential buyers, who won't want to leave when they step inside!

Holiday home staging will make your flip more attractive to potential buyers, who won't want to leave when they step inside!I love the Christmas season; the food, the family, the decorations. As great as the holidays are though, when it comes to real estate, this is considered the worst time of year to sell a home. But if you do decide to a sell a home this season, you’re in luck. Home buyers tend to be more serious around the holidays, plus there aren’t as many homes on the market, which means you stand a better chance against the little competition there is. If you really need to sell during the holidays, one of the best ways to appeal to potential buyers is by getting them in the spirit as soon as they walk into your flip. Essentially, staging your home for the holidays is more likely to attract buyers.

These tips will help you get your buyers in the Christmas spirit and may even help you sell your flip faster.

Up the Coziness Factor

A cozy home during the winter is inviting and tempting for you to stay around longer, which is exactly the feeling you want to evoke in your potential buyer’s minds. If your flip includes a fireplace, crank up the heat to make your buyers feel right at home. Extra touches such as a few throw pillows, a bowl of pinecones, a wreath on the front door and a cinnamon scented candle or potpourri can help up the coziness factor in the house.

Complement the Color Scheme

Christmas décor comes in a variety of colors, but just because you love those purple ornaments that doesn’t mean they will go well with your flip’s color scheme. Avoid clashing colors by making sure your Christmas décor complements your flip. If the walls are painted cream, it might be better for you to stick with silvers or golds that will complement the home, instead of fluorescent greens and blues.

Simplify the Outdoor Decor

While the inflatable snowman and 50 strands of lights may work for your own home, potential buyers might consider them tacky. Avoid scaring buyers away with your light display by keeping it simple. A strand of lights across the roof line or some candles in the windows is the perfect touch to improve your curb appeal and helps to draw more attention to the house itself.

Keep Religious Décor to a Minimum

Religious decorations can be a turn-off for interested buyers, so keep the religious décor to a minimum by leaving the nativities and menorahs out of your flip. Instead, stick with seasonal Christmas pieces. Snowflakes, gifts, ornaments, and reindeer are your best bet if you don’t want to offend any potential buyers who walk into your flip.

Pay Attention to the Tree

Tall Christmas trees are beautiful, but they can easily overwhelm a room. Unless you have a large foyer or living room to place a Christmas tree in, stick with a smaller tree that will show off the room instead of hide it. Keep the mismatched ornaments in your own home and decorate the tree with balls, garlands, and decorations that maintain cohesiveness.

Accentuate the Home’s Unique Features

The purpose of staging a home is to allow the home’s focal points or unique features to stand out. Instead of blocking views or covering the shelves and mantles with too many decorations, simplify and choose a few decorations to use in each room that will help to accentuate features. A garland across the fireplace mantle or wrapped around the staircase railing are simple touches that highlight the home’s best elements.

While the Christmas season is a rather busy time of year, use it to your advantage by attracting buyers to your home by staging it for the holidays. A few pieces of Christmas décor will instantly transform your flip into a home that buyers won’t want to leave.

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