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Receive all of the answers to your real estate woes with Tarek El Moussa's real estate mentoring. Tarek covers everything from negotiating to contractors.“Where do you find houses to flip?” “How do you get started in real estate investing with no funding?” “What are some tips for negotiating deals?” In this 25-minute video, Tarek sits down with our Head of Coaching to answer frequently asked questions from many of our Success Path Education students.


CLICK HERE to watch the video on YouTube.


Whether you are a new real estate investor, or you are an experienced flipper, the information Tarek provides is beneficial to anyone who wants to improve their real estate investing game! Tarek covers quite a bit about investing, so you may want to take some notes for future reference.


In This Video We Cover:

  1. How to Find Deals
  2. Marketing Methods
  3. How to Generate Leads
  4. Where to Find Houses
  5. How to Get Started with No Funding
  6. Christina and Tarek’s Approach to Real Estate Investing
  7. How to Get a Realtor Engaged and Willing to Work with You
  8. Working with Contractors and Getting Estimates
  9. How to Get an Idea of Repair Costs
  10. Good Minimum Net Profit
  11. Getting Multiple Bids From Several Contractors
  12. Offering Incentives to Contractors Who Finish Ahead of Schedule
  13. Investing Outside of Your Area
  14. Tips on Negotiating Deals
  15. Other Ways to Invest: Commercial Real Estate and Rental Properties
  16. Advice for Students Who Are Working Hard, but Aren’t Getting Offers Accepted
  17. What You Need to Know About Asset Protection, LLCs
  18. And more!

Tarek and Christina El Moussa are proud to partner with trusted real estate professionals who help teach Success Path strategies on their behalf. The El Moussa’s have personally taught and mentored every member of their team, so that their team is ready to teach students the ins and outs of real estate investing.

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