3 Reasons to Use a Real Estate Agent for Your Flipping Business

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Using a real estate agent when you first start flipping houses will help you better learn the ropes of navigating through the world of real estate.

Using a real estate agent when you first start flipping houses will help you better learn the ropes of navigating through the world of real estate.Whenever Christina and I teach our Success Path Education seminars, we get a lot of questions about getting a real estate license and how to start flipping houses before you’re a licensed realtor. If you’re going to stay in the house flipping business for the long term, it’s probably a good idea to get your license and act as your own real estate agent, but it isn’t absolutely necessary to be your own realtor from the very beginning.

Christina and I aren’t a good example of this because we were both real estate agents before we started flipping houses. However, over the years I’ve worked with a lot of new house flippers working their way to financial freedom in the real estate business, and I’ve seen how well a house flipping business can do, especially if you partner with a qualified and experienced real estate agent.

So, before you invest the time and money to get your real estate license, here are my top reasons for using a real estate agent as you start flipping houses.

Start Making Money Now

Getting your real estate license isn’t quick or inexpensive. It’s a great investment, but it’s also an involved process. If you want to start your house flipping business sooner rather than later so that you can quit your day job and gain financial freedom, then you shouldn’t wait two or more years until you’re a fully licensed realtor to do it.

Keep Your Lead Funnel Full

Your real estate agent is going to have access to the MLS and other resources that you won’t have before you’re licensed. That means that they can work for you to spot leads before other investors get to them. When you show your realtor that you want to continue to buy and flip houses fast and that you want to work with them on multiple deals, they’re going to be invested in working for you and finding you great properties to flip. In other words, you’re looking at a partnership that could be very lucrative for both of you.

Watch and Learn

Using a realtor now is also a great idea if your goal is to become licensed so that you don’t have to pay a commission every time you sell a house. Why? Real estate negotiations are tricky, and they can be very frustrating. Watch and learn as your realtor handles difficult sellers and other situations professionally and calmly. Ask them about their thoughts on the best offers to make on properties and when to make a counteroffer when you think a buyer’s offer is too low.

Getting started in the real estate investment business can be intimidating, and it can seem like you have to do a million things before you start making money. If you use a realtor for your first flips, you’ll get a lot of benefits, and you may even learn some great negotiating skills. So, instead of worrying about losing a little bit of your profit margin on your real estate agent’s commission, start working with them today to learn all that you can and to make money flipping houses while you work toward getting your own real estate license.

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