2 Pieces of Smart Home Tech to Consider for Your Next Rehab

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Smart home tech is becoming more and more popular, and is an upgrade worth considering (to impress your buyers) in your next flip. There is no doubt that you know that house flipping has kind of a bad reputation with a lot of people. I really hate this because, if you’ve seen any of our work, Christina and I work really hard to upgrade and update the houses we fix and flip. We don’t just slap a new coat of paint on them and call it a day—we completely redesign and totally renovate these homes to make them exciting places to live.

Thanks to house flippers like us and some of the attention our real estate investing businesses have gotten from reality TV, that bad reputation is starting to fade, which is great. But even though future generations might not see flip houses in the same unflattering light that some people see them today, I want to keep working to improve that reputation. And you should, too. After all, if your business has a reputation for creating amazing homes out of abandoned or distressed properties, people are going to be excited to sell to you and buy from you.

So what can you do to really build that great reputation? Lately, I’ve been a big fan of smart home tech upgrades. These are a couple of my favorites that won’t cost a bundle but will really impress buyers.

Smart Thermostats

A few years ago, you might’ve known one or two people who had smart thermostats that they could set and program with their phones. Today, though, they’re getting more and more prevalent. In a few more years, they’ll be the norm, and people will barely remember the old thermostats that you had to program manually.

As smart thermostats are getting more popular, their prices are coming down. You might be surprised at how well one of these devices fits in your rehab budget and how much it’ll impress your buyers with its convenience and energy-saving features.

Smart Garage Door Openers

Chances are pretty good that you’re going to have to replace the garage door opener on just about all of your flip houses. Instead of going with a cut-rate door opener that barely keeps up and makes your buyers feel like it’s going to drop the door at any moment, why not go with a smart garage door opener?

Your buyers will love that they can open and close their garage from anywhere they happen to be with a couple of swipes on their phone or tablet. Plus, they’ll feel more secure knowing that they can always check to make sure they remembered to close the garage door so that it won’t be left standing open all day while no one’s home.

Depending on the neighborhood and who’s likely to buy the house, there are some other smart upgrades you can make, like smart LED lighting that turns on and off when you enter or leave a room. However, since a lot of this technology is still really new, I’m not quite ready to jump onboard with all of it quite yet. In a few more years, I’ll probably be including smart locks, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and lighting in all of my flips. For now, though, these two smart upgrades are really great to impress buyers without blowing the budget or worrying that the technology will disappear in a couple of years.

If you have a few extra dollars left in your rehab budget, try adding one or both of these cool tech upgrades to your next flip house and see what your buyers have to say.

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