3 Kinds of Social Media Posts That Get Great Engagement

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Social media pages for your business is important, but you also need to be active and post social media posts that will get great engagement. Social media marketing has really taken off over the last few years. I’m always amazed when I think about how, just a few years ago, you never would have thought to have a Facebook page for your business. Today, it’s almost more important to have a social media presence than an actual website for your real estate investing business.

Of course, just having accounts for your house flipping business on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other social sites won’t get you very far. And even being really active on social media won’t ensure your success if you aren’t active at the right times or posting the right kind of content.

While you can generally figure out what times are the best to post for your real estate investing business by looking at your insights and analytics for each of your accounts, you can help yourself out a lot by using some or all of the most engaging kinds of social media posts.

“Caption This!”

Post a funny or intriguing photo or video clip and add the text “Caption This!” to your post. This kind of post works really well because it inspires your audience to get creative and to show off the hilarious ideas they can come up with for the picture. And, as more and more people post their captions in the comments, the post will keep getting bumped up on people’s timelines, giving you more exposure and more engagement with every comment.

A great idea for this kind of post might be an image of your reaction when you find something really crazy in a flip house before you start rehabbing. You could also post a picture of you or one of your team doing something funny in front of (or in) a newly rehabbed flip.

“Like for [A]; Share for [B]”

Post two contrasting pictures next to each other with the caption “Like for [Picture One]; Share for [Picture Two].” People will then either like or share your post, getting more traction and more exposure for your brand and your content. The more people like it, the more it will be bumped up in your followers’ news feeds and timelines. The more they share it, the more people will see it, too.

Have two flip houses finished and ready for sale? Take an attractive picture of each property’s kitchen and turn them into this kind of post. See what your audience has to say about your renovations.


Infographics are some of the most engaging images you can post online. They give information really fast in a medium that is very shareable. If you post exactly the same information in an infographic and in a link to an article, the infographic will get more likes, comments, and shares than the article.

To make this kind of post work for your real estate investing business, just find interesting infographics about the real estate market, rental rates, or other relevant information to your audience. Post links and images to give your followers some interesting and useful information.

Overall, interactive content—posts that ask users to like, share, or add comments—are almost always the highest performing posts on any social media site. Infographics, images, and videos are always a good option, too, since Internet users are always more likely to engage with posts that have pictures or videos than text-only posts.

Use these three types of super-engaging social media posts to kick-start your next social media marketing campaign and to get inspired to create some new engaging posts of your own. Have fun, and get social!

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