Student Success Stories: Rachel and Claudia

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Rachel and Claudia were friends in college, and they decided to invest in real estate together. Here's what they have to say for Student Success Stories.

Rachel and Claudia were friends in college, and they decided to invest in real estate together. Here's what they have to say for Student Success Stories.We are excited to share the story of Rachel and Claudia! The two friends met in college and they decided to take the leap into real estate investing together. Here’s how Success Path Education has changed their lives for the better.


I always wanted to get into real estate but never really looked into it. We built our home 20 years ago, my parents have rental properties, but that was all my real estate experience.

After a life changing car accident, I realized that my family is the most important thing for me and that life can be taken away from us instantly without notice. That means that we have to take advantage of every minute we have and spend it with our family as much as possible. The accident made such a great impact and changed our lives that we decided to take a vacation. This was a new beginning for my family and I, and it was a way to get a fresh start with a positive outlook of life and really enjoy family time.

One week later after our family vacation, I was browsing through social media [Instagram] and saw an advertisement with Success Path. Right away I knew this was going to change my life forever.

I immediately called my friend, and invited her to attend the seminar with me. Claudia and I met several years ago, we were both working on our undergraduate degree. We also worked together for the same school district for several years. While the speaker at the seminar was presenting the material and sharing success stories of many real estate investors through Success Path, I knew immediately that everything they talked and shared with us we could make it happen. So we went for it.


The biggest challenge is overcoming the fear of the unknown. We were taking a dive into a whole new wave of tasks that we had never really done. We were very unsure about a lot of things, we had many questions and we doubted almost everything we were doing.

But there was one thing we were completely sure about “we were going to make it happen and SUCCEED”. This is not a hobby for us, we are determined to conquer and overcome any obstacles that come our way. Success Path has given us the tools we need to keep moving forward. We continue to reach out to coaches, mentors, and past students to help get more information on a daily basis because there is so much to learn. You simply have to do what they tell you step by step and things will work fine.

Another challenge was the lending. Success Path and the coaches has also provided guidance on how to look for hard money lenders, private lenders, and among other companies that will help get your real estate deals. We are focusing and trying to work on our credit so we are able to continue submitting multiple offers at once. We have faced many rough financial challenges, as we continue to work closely with Success Path we will reach our goal where we can spend time with our families and will be able to help and guide others as they struggle with credit issues. We have reached out to hard money lenders and negotiated a good rate for the first flip.


Taking advantage of all of the information provided by success path. We sign up as many webinars as possible. We even listened to them while we are out at the hardware store, on our way meeting with potential FSBO’s, real estate agents, while we are rehabbing, etc.

Building networks is very important. We put in massive discipline, structure, to get things done. Changing our mindset definitely helped us get to where we are now. We realized we were transactional engineers changing people’s lives, that of others and ours. Our work ethic had to surpass any work ethic we’d ever had for an employer. This is our business not someone else’s. We knew from the start, we want to be extremely successful and we knew that it would not be easy in the beginning. Making a true commitment and dedication to ourselves in making our business grow is vital for us. But knowing is not enough, we are putting more than 100% to keep learning, staying in a circle with influential and successful real estate investors, staying positive all the time, think like an investor and not a consumer.


Take the plunge, don’t sit there and say you want to do it without putting in massive action. Investing in yourself, in your family, in your future is the best thing you can do. We all have fears so work on overcoming the fear. Don’t give up when the first obstacle presents itself; don’t listen to the nay say-ers. You can make things happen if you really want them to. Quit if you want to fail, Push through if you want to Win.


Always remember your “why”! Why are we doing it to enjoy the time with our family. We reached out to Success Path’s coaching team whenever we have a question and/or seek advice. We are not embarrassed to call successful investors in other states and toss ideas and hear their stories for inspiration. We used constructive criticism within our team and we worked around things that were slowing us down. Having an associate/partner that has the same goals as yourself to help and support the business. Have daily, weekly and monthly goals visible to you at all times for example in your car, your computer, your kitchen and never stop trying. Never take “NO” for an answer. Where there’s a will there’s a way.


Real estate investing has helped us become our own bosses. We decide what time to start, what time to stop, what day to take off, but most of all it allows us to enjoy our family. We are transactional engineers changing lives and improving neighborhoods. We are making a difference in our communities.

Student Success Stories: Rachel & Claudia
Student Success Stories: Rachel & Claudia
Student Success Stories: Rachel & Claudia
Student Success Stories: Rachel & Claudia
Student Success Stories: Rachel & Claudia
Student Success Stories: Rachel & Claudia
Student Success Stories: Rachel & Claudia
Student Success Stories: Rachel & Claudia

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