20 Successful Students Who’ve Made Money in Real Estate

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These 20 successful students are proof that Success Path Education does change lives. Real estate investing is a great way to gain financial freedom.These 20 students are proof that Success Path Education does change lives. Read their stories below, and then register for one of our Success Path events to find out how you can become a successful real estate investor too!

1) Tracey Bailey – Texas

One of Tracey Bailey’s big lessons learned when flipping a 1966 home was patience. After the sellers declined her first few offers and the contract fell through with a different buyer, her offer was finally accepted. She was committed to keeping it at purchase, and vowed not to wholesale it.

It was the oldest house she had ever flipped and with a new contractor on the job, there were a ton of new things to be mindful of. After a few months and some minor electrically hiccups, her patience paid off and Tracey walked away with a net profit of nearly $10,000.

2) John and Jennifer Everhart – Cleveland, OH

After attending a Success Path seminar, John and Jennifer Everhart found a great property in Cleveland, OH through networking. They now rent out the property and have over $500 in positive cash flow every month. They credit teamwork and finding the right private lenders as the key to their success. The Everharts even purchased their very first tax lien!

3) Tiffaney & Rory Gourlay – New Jersey

Tiffaney and Rory completed their flip in Hazlet Township, New Jersey by finding the right contractors up front. Coaching helped them every step of the way, especially when problems with the flip arouse. The support of their coach, Eric, and the rest of the team helped them walk away from their first flip with a profit of over $60,000!

4) Stacy Howard and Jeff Palmer – Cedar Park, TX

Stacy and Jeff used their resourcefulness and found a great home in their own neighborhood of Cedar Park, Texas. After searching through social media to find a contact, they realized the home had been vacant for four years and the bank had turned it into a short sale. With the encouragement and motivation of their coach, they offered and negotiated the contract down three different times. In the end, they flipped the house and walked away with a profit of $35,000.

5) Silvio & Vickie Lombardi

Silvio and Vickie Lombardi are a true testament of hard work and motivation. After Vickie’s cancer became active again, she was facing chemo treatments and a lot of pain. Nevertheless, she was determined to help her husband complete their first flip.

They found an excellent and honest contractor right out of the gate who helped them with various upgrades they had not previously considered. After delays due to the holiday season, the house was placed on the market and they received a lot of interest. They accepted their first offer, only to have the buyers walk away a week later. Finally, they received a full price offer and profited over $60,000.

The help and guidance they received from their coach throughout the entire process proved to be invaluable. Their coach was only a call away whenever they had a concern or questions – the support helped them stay calm and confident.

Now they are looking for another flip and are convinced they can repeat the process again and again!

6) Ronda & Junior Luebbert – Springfield, MO

Ronda and Junior Luebbert were frustrated after multiple failed offers and looking at countless properties they didn’t deem the right fit. Weekly calls and a one on one mentorship session with their coach helped them stay positive and find the lesson in each offer they made. Eventually, they made a deal on a 1927 single family home in Springfield, MO. They decided the best course of action was to complete some of the work themselves, which ending up giving them more confidence and knowledge about how much contractor bids should really be.

During the rehab, they consulted with neighbors and realtors and stuck to their gut of making the property a rental. The Luebberts credit the encouragement and words of wisdom from their coach for their success on their first flip. Now they are over $300 in the green each month from their rental property.

7) Christina Maki – Santa Fe, NM

Christina Maki watched a house sit on the market for over a year and decided to go for it. After making a low offer, the seller accepted and Christina was on her way to her first flip! Christina worked with Coach Cochrane throughout the entire process; he provided her with several different resources to reference during her renovations that made her goals easier to achieve. Originally Christina was going to rehab the property and then sell it, but after consulting her coach, she decided to hold it and use it as a short-term rental. She now profits at least $3,000 every month from her flip and hold.

8) Karen Barlett – Covington, KY

Each day Karen Barlett and her son are positioning themselves to grow their real estate business using the information shared by their coaches. Their coaches have provided several suggestions on how to solve issues even before they experience them. Working with Coach Randy gave Karen the confidence she needed to start investing in real estate on a larger scale. Most recently, Karen was interested in pursuing a 9-unit property. After her coach gave her the buy and hold template to estimate her cash flow, she moved forward with the transaction knowing she would profit at least $12,000 a year.

9) Lisa and Cortney Edwards – Texas

Lisa and Cortney Edwards’ real estate coach taught them how to make strong offers in their highly competitive market of Texas. He also helped them take into consideration all the minor details and documentation during the rehab process that they had not previously thought of. Their coach even gave them the idea to leverage builders in the area for trending interior and exterior paint colors that would appeal to buyers. All the advice paid off in the end as they walked away making close to $100,000 on three flips!

10) Janet Cates – Indiana

The best thing about Janet Cates working with Coach Cochrane was being able to use him as a sounding board. Before she started her real estate training with Success Path, Janet made a poor investment and found herself with a muddy title that was too expensive to clear. Since working with Coach Cochrane, Janet has been able to confidently make sound investments and avoid major mistakes. She recently purchased a buy and hold transaction in Muncie, Indiana and makes a profit of over $600 a month.

11) Russ and Donner Farmer – Gibsonville, NC

Before making any deals, Russ and Donner Farmer worked with Coach Bret to go over the formula; making sure the numbers were right and not being falsely represented. After they decided the deal was right, they moved forward with the transaction. During the process, Coach Bret taught them how to work with and manage the contractors to ensure a quality and timely deliverable. Their patience paid off as they increased the home’s value by over 200%.

12) Steve and Joni Harding – Fulton, MO

Steve and Joni Hardin knew they needed to find the right property in order to make a successful deal. Their coach taught them to be aggressive in their methods to finding properties. They eventually found the perfect property in Missouri through an online auction; off to work they went! After extensive renovations including tearing down walls, adding new flooring and a bedroom, they walked away from their first flip with $25,000 in profit.

13) Larry and Pam Neal – Jacksonville, AR

After partnering with two other people, Larry and Pam Neal purchased two rental houses in Jacksonville, Arkansas. They found the properties through a Realtor as the houses were listed on the MLS and happened to be right next to each other. They now have a monthly cash flow of $400. The education, support, and coaching they received through Advanced Real Estate Education was excellent and their coach, Dan Christiansen, was invaluable. They are looking forward to closing many more deals from what they’ve learned through the program.

14) Edna and Manolo Peralta – Blackstone, MA

Edna and Manolo Peralta found a property on an online site and decided to go for it. They ended up increasing the property of their first flip by nearly 300%. Working with their coach taught them fundamental lessons like not over investing in the property and how to stay on schedule. Their coach advised them on how to make their property look like million dollars, without spending it. With their knew-found knowledge, they are already on to their second deal that will profit them close to $50,000 with even less work than the first.

15) Mark Riedel – Fayetteville, NC

Mark Riedel found his deal by driving through neighborhoods in his target area and identifying possible foreclosure properties. His coach assisted with numerous ideas concerning dealing with the realtors, hidden costs, and work arounds on construction issues. He ended the deal profiting $30,000 and a much better appreciation for what he needs to contract out and what he can manage himself to save time and money.

16) Loan and Todd Lang – Houston, TX

Having access to the coaches helped Loan and Todd Lang make the right decisions with their first property. After purchase, they held the property and are now renting it out on various rental sites, making a monthly profit of at least $2,000. They are also learning how to handle the development of a commercial property that they own. Having access to the coaches for this has proven to be very helpful; the current value is over $2 million and growing.

17) Susan Williams – Ventura, CA

Susan Williams found her flip on the MLS and decided to fund the deal through an assignment. She found her biggest challenge was finding someone to assign the property to as many people showed interest, but then subsequently backed out. Once she found a buyer, the closing was delayed multiple times because the buyer forgot to get funding for the fees they were to pay the seller. Susan also found that the title company didn’t fully understand how an assignment worked. However, her saving grace was her coach. She received feedback on the offers she was making and how she should structure each deal. Her coach encouraged her to make sure she had several qualified buyers in her back pocket for when she was ready to move the deal along. The advice paid off as she walked away from her first assignment making over $20,000!

18) Jamie Anderson – Oklahoma City, OK

Jamie Anderson used her network to find her first buy and hold after a friend was willing to sell the rental property that she inherited. She realized that building relationship in this business is key; there were many people that were willing to teach and help her.

The program taught Jamie how to build her business one step at time. Her coach, Larry McKinstry helped her set goals on her first deal and accomplish those goals at a steady pace. She found he was very motivating throughout the process. Jamie now has a monthly cash flow of over $600.

19) Ernie and Grace Abbott – Kansas City, MO and Omaha, NE

Ernie and Grace Abbott had been working very hard for months to secure their first contract before they started meeting with their coach, John. They were very frustrated and ready to throw in the towel, but John helped them refocus, taught them new techniques, built up their confidence and got them started again.

At one point, Ernie called John and told him how he was approaching each deal. John responded, “You are certainly doing things that are going to bring you success. Keep going and you’ll see success very soon.” Within 2 weeks they not only had their first contract, they had two accepted contracts. Now, they are working on their eighth deal in two months. Since attending the first seminar in October 2016 they’ve completed 8 deals resulting in an annual cash flow of $42,000 and are working on their first rehab with a potential profit of $44,000.

20) Jumaane Bey – Albuquerque, NM

Jumaane Bey found a property through networking at an REI Club meeting and decided it was worth an offer. Originally, he planned to lease the property with an option to buy, but after completing an exercise with his coach, he decided to purchase and then rent out the property. His coach showed him that this plan would create long-term wealth that he could later reinvest, eventually earning him an additional $60,000 per year. Jumaane knew he would have not been able to pull off this deal if it was not for this program and his coach. Aside from having no understanding that a deal like this was possible, he simply would not have had the confidence to do such a thing. He is now on his way to building a successful career in real estate.

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