Is It Really Possible to Start Flipping Houses with No Experience?

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While many people believe you have to have a background in real estate, it is possible to start flipping houses with no experience.

Many people get caught up in the mindset that they have to have experience in real estate before they can start flipping houses. While previous experience is always helpful, no matter what field you are pursuing, house flipping is one thing that you don’t have to have a background in. Like many careers, you aren’t going to have a lot … Read More

Cutting Costs Without Cutting Corners

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It is all too easy to sacrifice quality to save a penny or two, with these tips you can learn about cutting costs without cutting corners.

We’ve all been there—you think you’re getting a great deal until you realize that you only got what you paid for. Sometimes rock-bottom prices indicate rock-bottom quality, too, and this is difficult if you rely on suppliers for your job. A big part of flipping houses is interacting and negotiating with suppliers for the best prices on products. Because you … Read More

6 Ways to Make Any Space Look Bigger Without Knocking Out Any Walls

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Over the years, we’ve flipped all kinds of houses in all kinds of markets. Some of the most fun design projects for me have been houses that felt tiny and cramped, but there was no way to knock out any walls to create more physical space. If you saw these rooms before Tarek and I got to them, you wouldn’t … Read More