3 Ways to Do More with Less Stress

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It is easier to be more productive if you figure out how to work with less stress. These tips will help you get it all done even when you are overwhelmed.

When I first started designing the renovations for our fix-and-flip houses, I would get really overwhelmed with how much there was to do. I’d walk into a disgusting house that was falling down around my shoulders, and I’d think, “Oh my god, there’s so much to do… Where do I even start?” When I actually got started, though, and I … Read More

Do I Need a Business License to Begin Flipping Houses?

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While a business license for house flipping isn't always necessary, you will need to get one if you decide to get serious with house flipping.

A lot of new house flippers tend to be confused about business licenses, but for good reason. The world of business can be overwhelming, especially when you aren’t sure what direction you are supposed to be going in. Consider this. Are you planning on flipping one or two houses a year while still holding on to your full-time job? Or … Read More

How Much Risk is Involved in the Business of Flipping Houses?

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While their are risks of flipping houses, knowing how to avoid mistakes will help you turn house flipping into a lucrative business.

THE BUSINESS OF FLIPPING HOUSES As with any form of investing, there will always be some type of risk involved and house flipping is no different. In the business of flipping houses, you are generally working with tens and hundreds of thousands of dollars. As you can imagine, this can be pretty risky if you don’t know what you are … Read More

3 Tips for Making Money after Retirement with Real Estate Investing

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stacks of money

When we teach our Success Path Education seminars, Tarek and I get a lot of questions about saving for retirement and how to make money after retirement. After all, our students are like anybody else. They don’t want to have to keep working until they drop dead. They want to have time to spend with their families, and they want … Read More