2016’s Top Real Estate Investing Trends

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While you shouldn't always follow the real estate investing trends, these are some good ones to keep in mind as you look for the best properties to flip.

Real estate trends are an interesting thing to me. In a way, you could say that Christina and I have been bucking trends since we started flipping houses. After all, when the housing bubble burst and everyone was saying that you couldn’t make money in real estate, we started a real estate investing business. As a result, instead of looking … Read More

5 Upgrades That Won’t Make You Money

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You may be considering these upgrades, but they aren't necessary and will end up costing you more time and money than they are worth.

Homeowners who are carefully considering resale value when working on a home generally want to know if a certain upgrade is a good investment or not. Will adding a pool to my backyard be a huge bonus if I ever decide to sell? Could this kitchen customization make or break my resale value? What kinds of rehab options should I … Read More

3 Reasons to Use a Real Estate Agent for Your Flipping Business

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Using a real estate agent when you first start flipping houses will help you better learn the ropes of navigating through the world of real estate.

Whenever Christina and I teach our Success Path Education seminars, we get a lot of questions about getting a real estate license and how to start flipping houses before you’re a licensed realtor. If you’re going to stay in the house flipping business for the long term, it’s probably a good idea to get your license and act as your … Read More

3 Tips for Landing a Flip Deal When You Know Other Entrepreneurs are After It

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Tug of war between businessmen

On a recent episode of Flip or Flop, Christina and I found a property that we were really excited about. It was kind of a small house, but it had a huge backyard where we thought we could build a mother-in-law suite. Then our buyers could rent that space out, and it would be a huge selling point for us. … Read More

4 Tips for Negotiating With Your Contractor on a Big Flip

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Construction worker man.

If you keep up with our show, you know that the labor and material prices on fix and flip projects can get pretty crazy. Without our contractors, though, we’d be in real trouble. They have the experience, expertise, tools, and manpower to do all of the big rehab jobs on our flip houses that Christina and I wouldn’t dream of … Read More