What is the Best Way to Research the Housing Market in my Area?

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Learning how to research the housing market and find the best properties to flip will help you become a more successful house flipper.

Every successful house flipper knows that they should constantly be on the lookout for new properties to flip. After all, flipping houses is how they make their money! But, even though finding properties may sound pretty straightforward, there’s more to it than just looking for a cheap deal. Christina and I are asked quite often how we look for the … Read More

3 Landscaping Tips Every House-Flipper Should Keep in Mind

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Beautiful landscaping in garden

When Christina and I first started flipping houses, I really didn’t think that we needed to spend money on landscaping. Then I took a look at the lawn on one of our first flips. It looked completely pathetic, with patchy, yellow grass and weeds everywhere. We’d done a lot of really high-quality work inside the house, and I knew that … Read More