Home Shopping? Walk Away if You Spot This in the Kitchen

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When home shopping for a flip, make sure to pay special attention to these 4 things. You'll want to walk away if you spot any of them in the kitchen.

Over the years, Tarek and I have bought a lot of houses, and we’ve seen every nightmare possible. From vandalism to faulty foundations — and even cement mix in the toilets — we’ve somehow made it through all of our house flips without going completely nuts or losing our shirts in the process. From all of our crazy experiences, I’ve … Read More

Your Guide to Kitchen Countertops

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Ditch those cheap particleboard kitchen countertops and invest in some beautiful counters that your potential buyers will love.

I hate particleboard countertops. It seems like we find them in almost every flip house that we walk into, and every time it means that we’re going to have to go shopping for new kitchen countertops. Now, I have no problem shopping for materials for our flip houses, and I actually love the opportunity to find something cool for our … Read More