Should You Flip a Multi-Family Building?

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Brown apartments in Portland, Oregon
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4 Ways to Build Trust With Your Buyers

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TRUST process, business concept
[vc_column_text]In the real estate investment business, you know that you’re never going to find a perfect deal (because they don’t exist). At the same time, you know when you see a good deal that’s likely to make you a good profit and shouldn’t take forever in rehabs. When you shop for your flip houses, you aren’t looking for “perfect,” and—believe ... Read More

Cozy Bed Ideas to Make Your Bedroom Your Haven

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Green beautiful bedroom with classic furniture
[vc_column_text]Have you ever looked at some of the pictures in interior design magazines and wondered, “Why can’t my bedroom look like that?” Well, actually, without spending a ton of money or effort you can give your bedroom a seriously cozy makeover that will make it feel like a haven…especially after a hard day at work. Just a little bit of ... Read More