What is the Difference Between Wholesaling and House Flipping?

Wholesaling and house flipping are drastically different from each other. The path you take will depend on your real estate investing goals.

A lot of people will tell you that you can dip your toes into real estate investing by starting out as a wholesaler. And, when you first look into it, it seems like a good idea. It’s a lot like flipping houses, but instead of doing all the rehab work and taking all the time to get the house in … Read More

2 Reasons to Wait on Your Real Estate License

Cover image for "2 Reasons to Wait on Your Real Estate License." Text is overlaid on an image of two realtors shaking hands in front of a For Sale sign.

This will probably confuse at least a few of you, since both Tarek and I have our real estate licenses and we act as our own realtors for our flip houses. Really, though, if we hadn’t started off our real estate investing careers as realtors, I think we probably would’ve waited a while before taking over that part of our … Read More

5 Remodeling Projects to Instantly Increase Your Flip’s Value

A woman on a ladder paints a white wall with orange paint in a cover image of "5 Remodeling Projects to Instantly Increase Your Flip's Value"

Many people believe house flips need to be complicated and cost thousands of dollars, and while some houses will naturally need a bit more care, there are a couple of painless projects that will instantly boost your flip house’s value. Over the years, Tarek and I have found that these projects have made the most of our budget and they … Read More

5 Things You Shouldn’t Forget About Rehabbing, But Probably Have

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When it comes to house flipping, there are most likely a million things going on in your mind all at once. What paint will look best in the bathroom? What time is the team coming to work? When do the kitchen countertops need to be installed? With so many things to think about, it can be so easy to overlook … Read More