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“Flip or Flop” stars Tarek and Christina are known for their expertise in flipping houses for huge profits. Over the years, Tarek and Christina have gained a lot of experience, knowing what to do and what to avoid. Through Success Path, Tarek and Christina have created a seminar where anyone can learn the necessary skills to become a professional flipper. The video below explains how you can get involved with Success Path and start changing your life.



Video Transcription:

Susan: Tell you what. Maybe you’re thinking about changing careers. If you are, we have some information for you. Have you always been curious maybe about flipping houses? Well, it can definitely be an intimidating project to take on, especially if you’re doing it by yourself, but what if there was someone there to help you, to make it a little more easy, to make sense of it all? Please welcome Cris Cannon. He’s the co-founder of Success Path and he’s here to tell you how they can help. Great to see you.

Cris: Thanks for having me.

Susan: So what is Success Path?

Cris: Success Path came from Tarek and Christina who run HGTV’s hit reality show “Flip or Flop”. They came to us, our team, in 2014, and we created Success Path. A lot of their viewers were calling and asking them about what they do, how they do it, they wanted that help, and we decided to put this partnership together and build this training program.

Susan: So you’ve become like a student if you will.

Cris: Very much so.

Susan: And you learn how to flip houses.

Cris: Correct.

Susan: So describe a little bit about the value of going to a class like this and taking this opportunity on.

Cris: That’s a great question. Since 2014, we’ve trained over 70,000 students how to flip in the U.S. and Canada. These students learn everything about it in that time and so we’ve had some great success stories come out of that.

Susan: And here’s the cool part, everybody who’s watching today, you’re doing some free classes this week in the Phoenix area.

Cris: We are.

Susan: Describe a little bit about the satisfaction levels of the students who attend these classes.

Cris: Sure. Of those 70,000 students, we get almost 99% of the people to fill out surveys once they’ve completed a class or a training, and we rate these classes from 1 to 5 stars, and to date, our total rating is 4.8 stars. So we get a really high satisfaction. The experience for the students is amazing. They’ve learned so many great principles of investing in real estate.

Susan: Right and I can imagine getting that first initial class, that free introduction class, which is what you’re doing for free?

Cris: Yes, this week in Phoenix.

Susan: Okay. So it’s a free class to get started.

Cris: Correct.

Susan: And then you learn kind of the game.

Cris: You do.

Susan: You learn how to play the game. So who’s teaching it? What are we gonna learn and who’s teaching this? I understand you guys have some impeccable credentials.

Cris: Well, thank you for saying that. We have about 54 instructors, mentors, and coaches. I think their combined experience to date is about 750 years of combined real estate training experience. We teach over almost 800 sessions a week and so we’re doing a lot of teaching and we just are very proud of the quality of education. The students continue to tell us how great it is and we have some phenomenal successes that come out of it.

Susan: Explain the vision, if you will, and the influence of having Tarek and Christina in some of the classes. What is their mission of this?

Cris: Yeah, you know, because of the show, they’re very busy with the show, obviously, and raising their family, they decided that this was the best way to reach out to people in the U.S. and Canada and be able to offer the training that they do because they can’t be everywhere at once, and so, they partnered with us to do that and to build out these programs. We’re in multiple cities a week doing events and training the principles that they use on the show to do all the successful projects that they do.

Susan: Yeah, and we certainly can’t ignore the fact that this team, this dynamic team of experts, they’ve been in the news quite a bit, front, and center in the news. How are they addressing that?

Cris: It’s a sad situation for them both, obviously. We’ve heard a lot on the news lately about the break-up with those two, but they’ve made it very clear to everyone that they are committed to the business, not only their reality show, “Flip or Flop”, but also their commitment to the students in Success Path and seeing that through for many years to come. They are committed and want to see that program continue.

Susan: That’s 70,000 and counting, right?

Cris: That is correct.

Susan: Cris, thank you so much. Good information. Let’s give you some information now. Success Path has a very special offer for you this morning. You can sign up for free classes being offered here in Arizona. All you have to do is go to successpatheducation.com/tv to register, but you do have to do it quickly. There are limited seats available.


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