4 Tips for Adding Natural Light to a Bathroom without Losing Privacy

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Bathrooms are fun to design, but it's important to keep privacy in mind. Create a private place with natural light using these tips.

Bathrooms are fun to design, but it's important to keep privacy in mind. Create a private place with natural light using these tips.When I look at architecture and design magazines, I always love checking out the master bathrooms that they feature. I could spend a whole day looking through pictures of bathrooms for inspiration. When I look at the incredible master baths of the rich and famous, I’m always amazed at how many windows they have and how much natural light they get.

Whenever I see a giant bay window in a bathroom or a tub that’s built into a corner made of two large windows, and I don’t see any curtains or frosting, I wonder how these people don’t get their privacy invaded every single day. The answer, of course, is that they live on giant plots of land with high walls, tons of trees, and really great security systems.

The people who buy the houses we rehab don’t usually have that kind of luxury, and I’m willing to bet that most of the houses you buy and flip in your career will need a bit more bathroom privacy, too. But you still want to get that great natural light, so how do you do it?

Fortunately, I’ve come up with a few really fantastic ways to get all that light without exposing your buyers.

Translucent Glass on Lower Panes

Window placement can do a lot for (or against) your efforts to add privacy without robbing natural light. You might not be able to move and replace all of the windows in the bathroom, but you can make some creative decisions for the glass in your windows. I like to go with frosted glass or stained glass on the lower windowpanes. Then I leave the upper panes clear to let more light in. This way you get the best of both worlds.

Café Curtains

If you aren’t in love with the idea of different shades or tints of glass in your windows, you can add privacy without taking away light by hanging café curtains about halfway up your windows. These will only cover the lower half of the windows, so you’ll get more natural light, and your buyers will feel completely covered and safe.

Add a Skylight

If the bathroom is on the top floor of the house and you have to replace the roof anyway, you might be able to find room in your budget for a skylight. This will not only add more natural light without taking away from your buyers’ privacy, but it’ll add light from a different angle, which adds dimension and the illusion of more space to the room.

Floor-Length Gauzy White Curtains

If the window isn’t right above the bathtub or shower stall, I love the idea of putting in a gauzy white, floor-length curtain. It’ll protect against prying eyes, and it’ll add a hint of light, flowing luxury, too. If you have windows over the tub or shower, you can add shorter curtains of the same material to add a cohesive style.

Bathrooms are always a lot of fun to design, but you need to keep privacy in mind as much as anything else. That’s why I love using these tips and finding other creative ways to give our buyers a safe and private place to get ready for work in the morning or unwind in the bath after a long day. Try one or more of these tips out on your next flip and see how much fun they can be.

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