What’s Your Real Estate Dream?

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Tarek and I have come a really long way in our time flipping houses. Today we have a successful real estate coaching business with Success Path. But you’ve seen a lot of our experiences and adventures with fix-and-flip properties on Flip or Flop, right? So how did we go from being completely broke and living with a roommate to saying, “Okay, we can flip this house,” and starting down the road to success?

Well, it all starts with a dream. When you know your dream, you can set long-term and short-term goals to get there and figure out a plan to achieve them. We definitely couldn’t have gotten to where we are today without first having a really big real estate dream.

Our Dream (When We Had Nothing)

Before Taylor came along, Tarek and I knew we wanted to have a family, and we knew we wanted to build a comfortable and successful future together. As real estate agents, we wanted to be great at selling homes, but that was really only the start. From the very beginning, our dream was to become experts in our field and to teach others the secrets and techniques we learned along the way through quality real estate coaching. We wanted to work together as a team and build a successful business around real estate.

Thanks to our dreams and goals, and our strong motivation, the housing crash of 2008 wasn’t a complete disaster for us. In fact, with our knowledge and expertise in real estate, we knew we had an opportunity ahead of us. Finding and flipping our first house was a huge risk, but it paid off big time for us and gave us the experience and confidence we needed to keep going, to continue taking risks, flipping houses, and teaching others how to be as successful as we’d been. So, what’s your dream, and how can it help direct your real estate career?

What Are You Passionate About?

When you think about the real estate business and your place in it, what do you get excited about? Are you really driven to find great deals? Do you love seeing the transformation when you fix and flip houses? Are you really motivated to get in there with your contractors and start working, or would you rather put the money up for someone else to put in the sweat equity?

There are no wrong answers to any of these questions, but each of them can help you figure out what you most want to do the real estate. For example, Tarek and I both love watching dilapidated, ugly houses come together with quality work and materials to become beautiful places for people to live. We sometimes worry that we’re putting too much money into our flips and that they’ll flop on the market, but almost every time, that quality shines through and we get great results. We’ve even seen bidding wars on houses in neighborhoods where the comps were going for far less than what we’d hoped to sell for!

Our passion lies in helping others and transforming houses, and that’s why we love flipping houses and teaching real estate coaching workshops. We want our clients to be able to pick out great deals and say with confidence that they can flip this house. Whether your dream is to fix and flip or if you’re looking for a more passive investment and a good relationship with a competent flipper, you can achieve it. For more information on how to get the most out of your real estate dreams, sign up for a Success Path coaching workshop when it next comes to your area. And to see some of the crazy jobs we’ve done, tune into new episodes of Flip or Flop on HGTV.

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