Success Path Education FAQ

Below is a comprehensive FAQ from Success Path Education; many of the questions also link to longer, in-depth answers in our Success Path Education Real Estate blog. If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us via email at or use our contact form. For your convenience, the FAQ has been divided into multiple sections.

How do I register for an event?

Please visit the Success Path Education “Register for Events tab on the homepage or call: (800) 388-7046 to register for an event near you.

What if I have a problem registering online?

If an issue does arise please email: for instructions to resolve your issue, or to be registered manually.

May I bring a guest?

Yes. Your admission includes registration for up to four guests. Once you have registered you will be given the option to register a guest, where you will then provide the full name and email address for each guest. You may also register a guest once you have received your confirmation email. Your guest will NOT receive a confirmation email. You can forward them your confirmation email with the event details and eTicket. If you received tickets via mail, please bring them with you.

How long is the event?

The event usually lasts between 2 – 3 hours, depending on audience questions and doors will open 15 minutes prior to the start of the event.

May I reschedule my event?

Yes. If there is another date or venue in your local area that better suits your schedule, please email: or call: (800) 388-7046 so we may update your reservation.

Will there be any refreshments?

Yes. Light snacks will be provided and they typically include nuts, granola bars, and/or candies.

May I bring my children?

We encourage all attendees to make arrangements for their children. This allows you as well as other attendees to be free from distraction so you are able to get the most out of the session.

What is the attire?

Casual dress or business attire is encouraged.

I don’t see an event listed for my city; are you coming to my area?

Stay in touch with Success Path Education on Facebook for the latest information on our upcoming events. We add new cities to our lineup every week, so check back often!

Is parking free?

Parking is determined by the hotel venue.

When do I find out if I won the iPad?

You must attend an event to register for the One-of-Twenty iPad giveaway. You will be notified by phone or mail if you have won. 5 per quarter are given away. iPad winners are posted at:

How can I get my free gift?

All attendees will receive a token of our appreciation for attending the event. *You must be in attendance to receive the free gift.


What can I expect to learn at the preview event?

The event covers various real estate strategies that are working in your area today.

Will I be sold anything?

The event is free of charge. Additional content and resources, such as training workshops, mentoring, one-on-one coaching services, and advanced events, are made available for purchase to those who attend the event. However, purchase of additional content is not required.

How can I be added to your “Do Not Contact” list?

Please call our Customer Service department at (800) 203-1274 for assistance.

Where can I hear what others have to say about Success Path Education?

Please tune in to Success Path Reviews on our YouTube channel to hear student testimonials and see verified, documented success stories.

Does Success Path offer any resources for people interested in learning more about flipping houses?

The Success Path blog is a great resource for information on flipping homes. Additional resources include Tarek & Christina’s eBook, 24 Ways to Profit on Real Estate in 2016 as well as a 50 Ways to Find Your Next Flip.

What types of courses does Success Path offer?

Success Path offers a variety of courses ranging from an introductory 3-day weekend training in real estate investment and flipping, to more in-depth training  and events, as well as one-on-one coaching.

Are Success Path’s real estate events a scam?

No. Success Path Education is based upon the El Moussa’s real estate investment strategies and systems that they use in their own business today. Their goal is simple – to help others achieve financial freedom like they have been able to through the hard work of real estate investing.

What payment options do you offer for your courses?

Success Path Education courses can be paid for via cash, debit, or credit. Payment plans are not available at this time.

Do you offer any refunds for the Success Path program?

Yes. Refund information can be obtained by contacting Success Path’s Customer Service at 800-203-1274.

What can I expect to learn at a free Success Path real estate event?

The event covers various real estate strategies that are working in your area today.

Will the Success Path real estate workshop be tailored for my specific state?

Yes. Success Path has been proven to be exceptional and efficient in any state.

Will I learn specific strategies during the event?

Yes. Each Success Path event and workshop will teach you strategies for flipping houses in today’s real estate market.

Are your courses for beginners, intermediate or advanced students?

Our courses are structured to suit students of all levels in their real estate investing career.

How is Success Path different from other real estate training programs?

Success Path is unique in that we offer the most comprehensive real estate investment education and training program in the industry. Our methods are practiced and have a proven track record.

Do you offer any one-on-one coaching opportunities?

Yes, Success Path offers one-on-one coaching opportunities for a heightened learning experience for its students.

Why should I attend a real estate workshop?

The Success Path 3-Day workshop is a crash course in real estate investment training featuring an abundance of actionable information. If you are wanting to excel in the industry, this is your first stop for education.

How do I know if Success Path is right for me?

If you’re interested in learning how to flip homes the right way, and you want to get started soon, or  the idea of one-on-one coaching support intrigues you, then Success Path Education is right for you.

Do you have any success stories from previous students?

Yes. Success stories from our students can be found on our website under the Reviews and Testimonials tab. Additional stories are also available on our YouTube channel.

How can I get a peek “behind the scenes” of a Success Path real estate event?

Many of the videos on our YouTube channel contain on-the-spot testimonials taken directly from our events.

What should I do to prepare for the Success Path real estate workshop?

Make sure you are ready to take notes and enjoy yourself!

What types of prizes do you give away to your students?

From January 1, 2017, to December 31, 2017, Success Path Education will be giving away twenty (20) iPads to registered (and in attendance) attendees for Success Path events. Details on the giveaway can be found here.

Will Tarek and Christina be at the event?

Tarek and Christina are unable to attend all events, but they do make an effort to attend when they can. They are proud to partner with trusted real estate experts who teach Success Path strategies on their behalf. Exactly which events they will attend varies, but we will always make an announcement as to when they will be attending an event in person

How did Tarek and Christina learn the insider real estate strategies that your course teaches?

Tarek and Christina sharpened their real estate skill set over several years of being in the industry. Learn more about Tarek and Christina’s story here.

Why did Tarek and Christina decide to create Success Path Education?

Having previously made “every mistake in the book” as they learned to flip homes, Tarek and Christina decided that sharing the knowledge that they had learned over the years could prevent others from going through the same struggles.

Is it really possible to start flipping houses with no experience?

Yes. We all start somewhere. Thanks to Tarek and Christina El Moussa, Success Path provides the knowledge and support necessary to gain a head start.

What is the best way to research the housing market in my area?

There are many resources for researching your local housing market, such as Movoto,, and Trulia. Search for your local MLS online to be connected to additional resources.

Is house flipping legal?

Yes. Not only is house flipping legal in both the United States and Canada, it is recognized as a viable income stream.

Do I need a business license to begin flipping houses?

Licensing required to flip homes is typically state-dependent. Research your local licensing regulations and requirements.

Will I need to quit my job in order to begin flipping houses?

No. Many of our students flip houses part time in addition to working full-time jobs.

How much time will I need to dedicate to house flipping in order to succeed?

Flipping houses comes with the flexibility to work as much or as little as you’d like. Dedicate what time you can and reap the rewards that follow.

How much time does it typically take to flip a house for a profit?

This will vary from project-to-project and an exact time frame cannot be given.

What do I need to know before I get started with real estate investing?

No prior experience or knowledge is required.

Do you need a lot of money to flip houses?

One of the subjects covered during our workshop focuses on how to find lenders and use as little of your own money as possible.

How much risk is involved in the business of flipping houses?

Risk varies depending on the project and the role you choose to take in the flipping process. A few tips on reducing elements of risk can be found here on our blog.

Is there a chance that I’ll lose money flipping houses?

There is always a chance that you can lose money with any type of investment, including flipping a house. At Success Path, our goal is to provide you with access to the knowledge and tools to minimize that risk.

What are some of the biggest mistakes that people make when they first start flipping houses?

The biggest mistake new (and even experienced) house flippers make is not doing their homework. Many of these mistakes are covered during our events as well as how to avoid making them.

How often do flips turn into flops?

A flip can turn into a flop when there are unforeseen complications or costs. Success Path recommends having homes thoroughly inspected prior to purchase.

What is the number one piece of advice you would give to someone looking to get into house flipping?

Be prepared to put in the work. House flipping is not an easy process and requires a lot of legwork and homework.

How much work will it take?

It takes a lot of work if you want to be a successful real estate investor, but it’s easy and profitable if you are willing to follow the rules that we outline in the Success Path courses.

What are some of the specific steps I need to follow to be successful?

While there are several steps to take in order to be successful, Success Path students have seen success because they follow the direction of their coaches.

What are the most common pitfalls when flipping houses?

Most mistakes happen when investors are unprepared and they allow greed to take over.

What is the best way to find good leads in the housing market?

Finding leads can be tricky. Click here to read more about finding real estate leads.

Are there any real estate books that you would recommend?

Absolutely! Click here to see the 4 Books Every Investor Should Read.

What is the difference between wholesaling and house flipping?

Wholesaling involves the purchase of a home with the intent to sell it to someone who will actually flip the home. House flipping involves buying the home (either from an owner or a wholesaler), renovating the home, and selling the home.

What is the best way to start building a real estate network?

Network with others in your community. Meet realtors, attend events, and find a local or statewide group that shares your interests.

How do I determine the After Repair Value (ARV) of a home?

In order to determine the ARV of a potential flip, start by looking at comparable sales in the area; Homes in similar neighborhoods, with a size, age, or floor plan similar to your finished product. The closer that home comes to what you have planned for your finished home, the more accurate of an estimate it will be.

What Things Should I Keep in Mind When Searching for a Contractor?

One common problem students face is not qualifying their contractors. Students who actually do their due diligence when searching for a contractor don’t have to worry about losing money.

Where can I make a media inquiry?

For media inquiries, please visit Success Path Media.