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Interested in investing in real estate?
We’ve had over 179,000 successful students!

Interested in investing in real estate?
We’ve had over 179,000 successful students!

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At this event you will see how to:

  • Connector.


    While MLS is a valuable asset for retail real estate, discover how investors think outside the box to find their deals bypassing the MLS and using non-traditional techniques.

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    Want to invest without using your own money or leveraging your credit? We’ll tackle utilizing retirement savings, hard money lenders, gap funding and traditional mortgages to fund your real estate deals.

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    We’ll introduce how you can make a profit by flipping, buying and holding, and wholesaling homes to help you launch your real estate business and become financially independent.

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    Discover what a wholesale deal is and learn how to find and complete your very own to generate a profit. We’ll walk you through finding a property and connecting with an investor for a finder’s fee.

Why we created this program

This introductory event is free of charge and provides you with insights into the current real estate market and opportunities that exist to build wealth. These events are designed to teach people from all walks of life how to become professional, savvy & creative property investors, who specialize and use property renovating as their wealth creation strategy. Our trainers are all experienced, successful, hands-on professionals who have mastered our methods and strategies. We can’t wait for you to join our team!

Believing in yourself is one of the greatest gifts you have been given. Real estate and design are my passion and I want to be able to inspire others, share my experience and offer my support along with my team. My journey in real estate has helped me steer the family business into a stable direction and I’d be honored to teach you to do the same.

Having the desire to succeed can take you a long way if you have chosen the right path. I survived one of the most difficult times in real estate history and figured out a way to actually thrive. I am proud of the business we have created, and as a man and father, I truly believe with our program, you can build a better life for you and your family.

DVDs and other promotional materials may vary in color, model and appearance. *One-in-Twenty iPad Giveaway: 20 iPads (5 each quarter) will be given out annually. **Pre-approval of funding is not guaranteed. Terms, Conditions, and rates of funding depend upon several factors, including, but not limited to, appraised value of property, load to value ratio, and experience of the lendee.

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