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Student Success Stories was created to feature our amazing students. Read Bryan and Maira's story to get inspired to start real estate investing.

We are excited to announce our new post series, Student Success Stories, featuring YOU! Once a month, we will be sharing the stories of our many successful students and how Success Path Education has made a difference in their lives. Our first post features Bryan and Maira from California, who started flipping houses in 2014 and they haven’t looked back since.

Student Success Stories was created to feature our amazing students. Read Bryan and Maira's story to get inspired to start real estate investing.BRYAN AND MAIRA’S SUCCESS STORY

Maira and I started investing in real estate in August of 2014, after we signed up with Success Path. One of the major challenges we faced was the fear of actually doing it. It was daunting to think that we would purchase another home, and hold a second mortgage, in hopes to flip it for a profit in a short period of time. That fear, however, was defeated when we started educating ourselves through Success Path, and staying in constant contact with our mentors. You can call it blind faith in the sense that we just did exactly what we were being taught to do! We knew that we didn’t have the knowledge to do it on our own, nor did we want to risk our money on trying to do it on our own without any direction. So realizing that with this program we would receive continual education and mentors to hold our hands through the process, it was a no-brainer. Success Path helped us overcome our fear!

The way we got to where we are now is by doing something our mentor taught us. We took Massive Action with Effective Execution. Essentially, what this means is we did something called “Modeling”. Modeling is basically taking centuries of experience of someone successful and compressing it into days by doing the same thing they did. So with our Mentor, who is super successful in the real estate world, we had a perfect example of someone to model after! By signing up with the program we had direct access to him! And not only were we able to model his techniques, but by signing up we had constant contact with him to teach us how he did it all and help us implement the same systems.


The advice we would give other students/people who are considering investing would be to start thinking like an investor and take the calculated risks. You see most of us are conditioned to only think like a consumer and not as an investor. A consumer’s way of thinking will always be, “How much does this cost?” and “What am I getting?”. Whereas an investor’s way of thinking is NOT “How much does it cost?”, but rather “How much will it cost me in the long run if I don’t invest?”, and NOT “What am I getting?”, but rather “What am I becoming?”. Tony Robbins said it best.

“You see, it’s never the environment; it’s never the events of our lives, but the meaning we attach to the events — how we interpret them — that shapes who we are today and who we’ll become tomorrow”. -Tony Robbins

As a consumer you’ll look at this program and wait for it to do something for you. Whereas, as an investor you’ll take what the program teaches, implement it, learn from it, take action and become something more! And in this case, a successful real estate investor!


The way Maira and I stay motivated when the going gets tough is by having a clear vision of what we’re trying to accomplish, and strong reasons for doing what we’re doing. Having a crystal clear vision of our goals, and what we’re trying to accomplish, seems to have a stronger pull forward than the failures and fears of the past. A lot of the times our fears and failures from the past have the tendency to pull us back and keep us from accomplishing our goals. Making us believe that were not good enough or smart enough to achieve such big goals. However, what we’ve learned is that the clearer your goals are, and the stronger your reasons for wanting to accomplish those goals, the stronger the force is that will pull you forward and through those tough times!


Real estate investing has changed our lives in so many ways! However, the number one thing that this program has done for us is that it has given us our time back with our family! Prior to signing up with Success Path, I was a police officer with the Los Angeles Police Department. For approximately 10 years, I was physically there for my family but I was mentally checked out. There were days when I couldn’t come home due to over-time or having to be in court the next morning. And then there were just those days or situations where I didn’t think I was going to come home at all. Our major goal at that time in our lives was not financial freedom! Our major goal as a family was just that I came home alive every night. Success Path has given us so much, and we’re eternally grateful for all those who have put the program together and are constantly doing their best to help others achieve what we have accomplished!

Thanks for sharing your story with us Bryan and Maira. We can’t wait to share another Student Success Story with you next month.

You can check out the before and afters from one of their flips, here.

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